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So Tiny

David K has bought himself some brass etch items for interior of one of his excellent scratchbuilt buildings. The etch contains chairs, tables, desks, filing cabinets, shelves, stools and even books requiring construction. They will challenge both his eyesight and dexterity for some weeks to come.

Peter has been busy adding loads of iron ore as raised from pit in his nicely weathered tippler wagons for onward travel to the works for processing. Peter now has a train of thirty such wagons so will look forward to seeing the whole rake running on the test track in the future.

A little more work on Ardgowan from Alan, Steve and Ed with two boats now painted placed near harbour office.

A couple more photos demonstrating painfully slow progress of David and Glyn's O gauge buildings!! Less chatting more working please .........

A more determined effort from Alistair in producing the foliage and flowers for the O gauge station flower beds which Brian has made.

Bob and Les discussing the fine details before scanning an item in preparation for 3D printing.

Trevor, Steve and Peter checking the 'March in Time' which will soon be heading out to exhibition in September at Bressingham.

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