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Alistairs' Allotment

An allotment is being made for the O gauge Fenland Yard layout by Alistair from scratch using scraps of paper, clay, oddments of wood and dyed sawdust. It is a very productive piece of ground with the signalman growing cauliflowers, cabbages, carrots, pumpkins & rhubarb along with runner beans.

Brian wiring up buffer stops for Fenland Yard.

Stuart & Steve P in process of painting an Ian Kirk coach kit.

Bob busy constructing an O gauge BR 9ft wagon chassis.

Richard giving his O gauge warehouse roof a (very) wet black weathering wash which will assist ageing the seagull droppings adorning the structure!!!

GBRf class 66 testing the new point fitted on club layout March in Time.

Keith C & Peter checking out alignment of legs for the new brickyard layout before screwing in place.

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