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Richard's Inventions

Club member Richard does enjoy thinking creatively and designing a piece of equipment for that 'may come in handy one day' drawer which most modellers seem to own. Richard's latest muse was measuring the speed model trains actually ran at on a layout. Following on from that thought was immediately followed with construction of various electronic items to measure the speed. Here is the resolution calculated in most popular scales both in actual miles & kilometres per hour. The displayed figures represent a finger passing the detectors very quickly in test before adjustments made. A very neat piece of kit should one ever be required. I have no idea of the components used although Richard did kindly explain!!

Wednesday was running night on the test track and here is Hornby's 00 gauge Virgin Pendolino being placed on track by Keith C

Next up is Dave E's 0-6-0 kitbuilt O gauge 'Glory' followed by his 0-4-0 diesel shunter towing a rake of kitbuilt coal hopper wagons.

Now it is the turn of 4-6-2 00 gauge 'Squadron' pulling a train of Pullman coaches.

Peter swapped between a 00 gauge class 60 Mainline diesel locomotive in the very attractive blue livery and a class 58 pulling a train of Tilcon wagons (I missed the 58!!)

A Dapol 00 gauge Virgin Pendalino model owned by Richard H all shiny and very smart races around the track.

Although it was the monthly running night other members had some modelling to push on with............

Keith S with O gauge locomotive crew rest room for Fenland Yard made from cereal box covered in plastic card with individual painted bricks. A felted roof will be made of fine grade emery paper as on the wooden toilet lean-to.

Brian S is similarly using fine grade emery paper for the roof of his O gauge grounded wagon store re-purposed from a Hornby tin plate model with interior lighting.

Alan laying a path leading up to the lighthouse on our 7mm narrow gauge layout using fine grained chinchilla sand purchased from a pet shop.

Bringing up the rear for this very enjoyable evening is Dave R working on his castle. Lately when posting photographs of Dave's castle it would appear that they are out of sequence as if the build is going backwards. This is not the case because Dave carefully removes the finished parts from the castle so preventing any damage by the local ham-fisted photographer whilst continuing with the construction ............

Apologies for the quality of this weeks photos, will try harder next time :)

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