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Rhubarb from Scratch!!

Our Alistair thought the club O gauge layout Fenland Yard was lacking in something unusual in the allotment department so decided a rhubarb patch was needed. Tried locating miniature rhubarb leaves & stalks? Not many about so will have to be made from scraps in hand. Here in the making are Alastair's early examples

In the absence of our usual photographer (?) all photos and captions have been provided by Dave R. Thanks Dave.

Still pondering over where to best place the strengthening ply members on the brickyards layout trying to avoid where points are located.

Ed is back after a few weeks to continue with his kit build coach. Welcome back Ed, we have missed those many awful puns you class as jokes!!!

A couple of views of 7mm narrow gauge Ardgowan (very aptly named) of the tunnel entrance through the headland and steps leading up to the lighthouse.

George been busying himself making oblong hay bales using blocks of wood and sisal string.

Bob has 3D printed some O gauge buffer stops for Fenland Yard and tasks Brian with wiring them up for lighting and filling with coal.

As Dave R was responsible for taking the photos I am pleased to include the finished results of his castle and maze in position on his baseboards. It all came together finally and a credit to his excellent modelling. That's enough praise ..............................

Complete with Dragon scorching backside on radiator!

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