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Mock-up of Whittlesey clay pit.

First viewing of Keith's test mock-up of Whittlesey brickyard clay pit similar to that at Kings Dyke. Historically clay was cut from 60 feet high faces within the pit by an excavating machine called a shale planer. The machine was built in 1926 spending all of its working life on the same site. The photos show Keith's version of the shale planer, pit face and an incline used to haul clay to ground level. More to follow in this exciting new model railway layout based upon local industries.

Gerry at work on yet another bargain 'working' chassis purchase which upon testing failed miserably to work!! It will do by the time Gerry has finished with it.

A busy evening with many members trying to locate a gremlin in the electrics of 'n' gauge circuit of new test track. Many others sat around disposing of tea and biscuits. No photos as didn't want to embarrass the shirkers!

Welcome to new member Alan trying to remember names of everyone present. By far the majority of members are named Dave so at least if he calls everyone that he will have a chance at getting it correct on quite a few occasions

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