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Last Session Before Christmas

Members decided a relaxing evening using the test track was the order of the day backed up by Dave W bringing in loads of pies and goodies to eat. So many different combinations of scale and gauges were forthcoming we actually finished very late in the evening compared to a normal club night.

We usually have a running session of approximately 20 minutes to give everyone a turn to run their stock. Peter staggered in with a couple of huge stock boxes asking for a time extension to get his M&DMRC Test Track record-breaking 100 00 gauge mineral wagons onto the track and running successfully nose-to-tail all powered by one loco!! Here it is in action photographed by Dave R balancing on a chair!

Following train removal, Peter then demonstrated to members his successful trials using magnetic couplings on his GNER stock at speed.

Trevor brought in several items he had not declared to owning as usual with Hornby Limited Edition Flying Scotsman with two tenders followed up by a breakdown train with crane, support van and wagons in red livery.

David E demonstrated his O gauge 0-6-0 kitbuilt, painted & weathered J94 with smoke and sound sporting a GLORY nameplate. Towing a new purchased CCT van in blue livery.

Dave K found lurking in back of cupboard a Western Hydraulic D1001 in glossy maroon with a new rake of coaches having never been run before.

Alan C brought out of hiding another American On30 2-6-0 tender loco and two coaches for exercise.

Glyn showed off his latest model of a Heljan O gauge sound & light fitted Great Western Railway AEC 'Razor Edge' Railcar in BR green. Peter's mineral wagon train in background.

Dave W brought along an O gauge Ixion Kerr Stewart 0-6-0 sound fitted tank loco with a train of box wagons and a Warwell wagon on which David E thought would carry his mug back to kitchen for washing up!!

Richard's n gauge Bachmann Class 08 diesel shunter with a variety of wagons ran steadily on the inner track.

Final running in tonight's session which unfortunately was very short was Keith S sound fitted 0-4-0 Dapol O gauge B4 'Normandy' with a short train of a bogie well wagon carrying a locomotive boiler painted in red oxide and brake van.

Finally one last photo from Dave's Thailand adventure, this time without trains, as he chivalrously loaned a friend his jacket while exploring the chilly higher hill district.

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