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Last of Our Overseas Rep's Report & Back to Reality

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Dave R has returned (reluctantly) from his travels to Thailand with a few last photos and settled back into the chilly damp weather we are currently experiencing. However no gloom in the meeting tonight with members keeping busy working on their own projects and club layouts.

Richard has glued together a 3D printed signal box for his new TT layout which is in process of being constructed.

George is scratch building a goods shed from wood and using his own design printed slate roofing papers. Nice job!

Keith C shows his £20 purchase of a 00 lined green Class 45xx tank locomotive with later BR crest. Only when testing it did he discover it was chipped for DCC, a bargain although now leaves him with a dilemma as to go DCC or not with all his locos.

Keith S, Brian S & Alistair been busy fixing the engine shed onto the O gauge layout Fenland Yard and testing the interior lighting.

Note Keiths fine soldering work on the tank access ladder, buckets, water supply pipe & lamp above door together with interior detail

A shot of progress of David E work on his LCut Creative O gauge signal box last photographed months ago. In Dave's words 'coming along slowly'. Hmmm..........

Difficult to get a good angle of Peter's work changing 00 gauge couplings on his stock for magnetic ones. Suprising how strong they are for their size and looking forward to see them in action on test track soon.

Yours truly attempting to discover why his scruffy looking work stained Bachmann On30 scale Davenport is refusing to budge.

Ed has been working on construction of a 7mm Narrow Gauge kit for an open coach.

A few photos from our Dave R which I somehow 'lost' from one of his emails which he kindly sent to me again with a knowing look in his eye!!

Yuck!!! A setting for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

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