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High Seas Shipping Problems!

Len decided the boom derrick wire guys on his Ardgowan freighter needed some adjusting as did not look quite correct. Surprising how a resulting snip in the wrong place can create a whole evenings work in replacing many guys which were threaded through the smallest holes possible. Terminology may not be accurate but am sure you get my drift.

The O gauge fence from last week has been painted and is receiving some weathering to age it. Fence posts are made but yet to be attached along its length. Also about to start painting brickwork on a low relief background warehouse.

David continues to paint the loading platform brickwork for the O gauge Fenland Yard goods shed.

This week sees many members with paintbrushes in hand as Keith paints a circular bull's eye or porthole window to be located in the gable end of Fenland Yard engine shed.

Now it is the turn of Steve who noticing some chipping on Ardgowan is touching it in to match original colour (may need a little work on that as we cannot find the original paint pot!)

Now Alistair who is making a very passable rendition of a poppy to be placed on Fenland Yard. Good thing it is O gauge and not n gauge! Only another dozen or two to go Alistair.........

Andy has been busy trying to sort the electrics in the control box for Legion Yard 00 gauge layout. Locos were moving by the end of the evening so well done Andy despite you not having had any part of its design or construction.

Finally Jerry giving Stephenson's Rocket, which was built for and won the Rainhill Trials of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in October 1829, some exercise on his test track.

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