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Anyone Guess Where?

One of our members is on holiday and sent a message 'Where am I today?' Probably about to take a ride on a preserved railway but which one?

Teamwork! Stuart kindly used his metalworking skills to provide Dave R with a brass plate attached to a tube, to form the castle drawbridge, driven by a geared motor hidden under the front-right tower. Now to work out the fine mechanical details...

Keith S been busy scratchbuilding a two bay timber goods shed for his home layout based upon the one which was at Wisbech St Mary although shortened by one bay in order to fit. Outer is scribed 1mm plywood on foamboard and the inner floor is an exercise in using tea/coffee stirrers for floorboards.

Alistair continues with his sterling work in making shrubs and blooms for the station flower beds.

Jerry appeared with a box of 00 gauge locomotives in pieces having been asked by Chatteris museum if they could be repaired. Should keep him occupied for a while. He also came across during one of his rummages a very handsome H0 scale model of Abraham Lincoln's coach with double bogies used on his Presidential duties across America. Alleged to be armoured for his protection it unfortunately became his funeral transportation after he was assassinated.

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