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Another new train??

Yes, our Keith C has discovered a 00 gauge 'City of Lancaster' trainset lurking in the back of a cupboard from a few years ago and thought it would be a good idea to give it a first run!!

Well done Hornby! Placed on track after several years in storage and performed superbly running smoothly & flawlessly. If only all of us did as well...............

Hmmm, waiting to see what else Keith will discover next in his cupboard.

Next, we have Dave doggedly continuing with his build of a castle for his layout and trying not to throw it across the room with the complicated cutting out necessary to replicate the many facets of this design. Only about another eighty to go Dave!!! Crennels and merlons................ all new to me.

Just a few more to go Dave, get busy busy.............

Now to Dave W and his build of 16mm kit for his larger scale garden railway. A laser cut kit requiring a little sanding where sides meet roof for a good fit. A nice touch with the inclusion of a bookcase, table and chair for internal detailing.

Jerry continues to work his magic on locos that refuse to run. Has his work cut out with this one which has a short circuit that is not straight forward to find. He will persevere.........

Finally a photo of Alan and Ed attempting to pack (cram) too many of 'come in handy one day' items into a fewer number of boxes after the Chairman reminded everyone of the very restricted storage we have. The two modules showing are of 7mm narrow gauge layout Ardgowan. A very appropriate name in this incidence as Chairman Keith usually calls it' Hard Going'.

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