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A Very Wet Evening

The heavens decided to open as we were gathering and continued way past our return home time. Some very large & deep puddles to catch the unwary in the pitch black trying to find their cars but an enjoyable evening with final preparations to take Nene Sidings and March in Time layouts to Bressingham Model Railway Exhibition this coming Sunday. Poster at end of this blog.

David K at it again with tiny brass kits for his 00 gauge layout. Taking respite from making the very small office furniture he is constructing a kit from Ten Commandments of three British Railways BRUT Trolleys. BRUT Trolleys were used across the whole railway network between 1964 and 1999 for sorting, handling and transport of station loaded goods, parcels and newspapers. They were each loaded with parcels etc for a particular destination and wheeled into the train reducing train waiting time and cutting down on handling.

Keith C has been busy weathering his second loaded private owner wagon loaded with bricks sealing the powders using matte varnish to reduce finger marks when handling.

Keith C also displayed his cut & shut model of a shortened streamlined loco started around twelve months ago. I think this is for a display around this years Christmas Tree.

A slight problem with a point motor packing up resorted to one of our members trying to follow the wiring (with no plan) to trace the fault (chronicle continues next week!!!!!)

Ardgowan has a bright new road surface by Steve, Len and Alan using chinchilla grit. Will be weathered in due course.

Bressingham Sunday 24th September followed by SudburyExhibition Saturday 7th October 2023.

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