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A Great Evening Running Trains!!!

First off a photo of all the members present this evening for a whole meeting session of running trains on the test track. This presents a splendid opportunity for everyone to give their locos a good long run particularly those who only model a small shunting layout or those in the process of building a new layout and do not have anywhere to run trains at this time.

First up we have a couple of unusual HO trains from Jerry who acquired them boxed as in new condition quite a few years ago.

Next is Alan's O gauge Dapol Class 121 'Bubble Car' single car Diesel Multiple Unit in BR green with speed whiskers complete with driver and passengers. Runs beautifully and sounds terrific.

Another from Jerry running on 16.5 track. American loco but didn't make note of maker etc.

Steve's Bachmann Baldwin 4-6-0 Narrow Gauge loco 'Bridget' from the Ashover Light Railway completing full circuits of track following adjustments to board joining clips being fitted too close to track in a couple of places. Runs like a dream!!!! (Okay, a biased comment from a 009 fan, it was still a very nice loco)

A quick shot as this A4 passed with observation car at rear.

Another quirky On30 Australian loco from Alan (who does tend to be drawn by the 'different and oft unknown') notoriously called a 'Coffe Pot' running on 16.5 track. Model made by Ixion and in real life the loco did not survive with only two steam rail motors of this type being constructed for use only on Australian railways.

Chairman Keith's O gauge Heljan sound Deltic roaring around the track with David looking as if he's been woken by familiar sounds reminding him of when a signalman!!!

Keith again, somewhat off track for this evening, showing his latest Bedford lorry detailing project ........ more to follow in the future.

Peter's Hornby 2-10-0 Class 9F pulling 19 mineral wagons and a brake van. Loads made by Peter with real crushed up coal and a start made on weathering. More mineral wagons to follow Peter tells me. Posting on here will encourage that promise to be fulfilled!!!!!!

A few phots to finish with ......................... a very enjoyable evening!

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