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What's Going On Here?

Oh it's Keith C, Trevor, Brian & Peter finalising their plans for the new brickworks layout for the Club. Next is completion of the paperwork detailing all the elements of their plan including period of operation, type ie goods, passenger, baseboard size & material, terminus to fiddle yard, continuous circuit etc etc drawing on all members experience for assistance and experience......... Looks as if they are well on their way!

The rest of the members knuckled down to enjoying a very good running night with many locos being exercised and a particularly lengthy train of both Davids O gauge goods wagons which tested locos to their haulage capacity and beyond. A couple of Dapol Sentinel shunters tried and demonstrated lively wheel spin before final defeat. The test track has certainly proved it's worth with locos varying between foreign & british, n gauge, several diminutive 009's, Thomas the Tank in blue livery smoking it's way around at top speed together with a large assortment of 00 gauge trains including a sleek LNER Azuma five carriage unit of very modern stock. Following photos show the action ......

Everyone enjoyed a thoroughly pleasant evening, hope you similarly enjoyed the photos.

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