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Wednesday 7th September 2022

A lot of activity tonight with several layouts being worked on!!!

David on his knees working on Club layout 'A March in Time' preparing it for an appearance at Kings Lynn Model Railway Club exhibition on 17th September. His assistant, Mike, has wandered off to give advice to those working on the test track. We did catch a glimpse of Mike laying on his back, after making a few funny noises, under the layout at one stage (a missed photo opportunity, unfortunately).

On the right Alan and Ken discussing a building for 7mm Narrow Gauge layout 'Ardgowan' (a very apt name!!).

The two Steves' and Trevor trying to work out the wiring on 00 gauge 'Legion Yard. Our erstwhile Treasurer David is earwigging the ongoing discussions about tracklaying on the test track in the background.

In foreground 'A March in Time', admiring 'Ardgowan' buidings by Alan in background with our train doctor Jerry catching up on reading (he's not nodding off!!!)

A couple of large scale resin wagons made by Swift Sixteen being fettled and prepared for spraying with primer coat.

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