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Rogues Gallery!!!

Photo of the Club members posing around Nene Sidings our shunting puzzle as it is prepared for a visit to Sanctuary Housing in Doddington. A good number of residents (and staff) enjoyed looking and listening to the sounds of steam locos whilst reminiscing about their journeys on the trains from a few years ago (or more). Our chairman Keith set up the shunting puzzle for John who soon solved it by sorting out the order of wagons in the train leaving Keith somewhat confused how he had grasped it so quickly. John bowed as a gentleman would to a well-deserved round of applause from the ladies who had encouraged him to be the guinea pig expecting failure.........

A good time was had by all with a promise we would return again in the future.

A line up with one of each n gauge and 00 gauge Warship diesel loco's, 00 gauge HST train and a O gauge pannier tank with sound trying out the new test track. All went well with the previous electrical fault being soon sorted keeping many members occupied and vying for time to run their pet locos.

A before and after photo of Keith C attacking his new purchase of a Hornby Ruston shunter and truck with T-cut removing transfers ready for application of a new identity and alternative colour to follow in a few weeks' time (or so he says!!!).

Finally Dave brought along his new girlfriend to meet the members, keeping her well within hand................

P.S. Dave is getting on a bit and a great fan of Dukes of Hazard so meet Daisy with the obligatory short shorts and long legs (we are going back a few years with this but knowing the inability of TV channels to make decent new series we may soon have another re-run advertised as 'new')

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