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New Locos & Busy Evening on Test Track

Keith's O Gauge Heljan Brush Type 31 in Golden Ochre livery. Just one of British Railways' experimental colours.

Alan's recently scratchbuilt 7mm Narrow Gauge loco in green running on 16.5 (OO gauge) track.

George's green 64XX loco and maroon autocoach.

Trevor's Eurostar being exercised with a complete train. Looks very sleek.

Gathered around deciding whose turn next.

Ed's C20 from 1962 D8138 in green with late crest.

Gerry at work keeping things lubricated and resolving any running issues.

Gerry's own Dapol O gauge LB&SCR 0-6-0 Terrier steam loco with illuminated firebox (and it is for sale)

Bob's Pullman coach with his own illumination installed.

Bob's New York USA version from the Bachmann Underground Ernie.

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