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New Interest in EM Gauge

We welcome new member Michael F to our club bringing experience of constructing finescale models in 7mm and EM gauge. Michael brought along a London Road Models LNER 0-6-2T tank locomotive kit in construction accompanied by a Bachmann Class 4 LMS Fowler 0-6-0 with a new chassis for EM gauge. He will be welcomed by Brian W, our President, who has been alone in banging a drum in the club for EM for more than twenty years!

Michael had been given an ancient Ratio model of goods van he was in process of fitting Dingham couplers to and new EM wheelsets.

David W continues with his third section of On30 Scale 'Layout in a Box' baseboard with track laying almost complete with wiring to follow.

Alistair has been busy constructing an LCut warehouse office for our 7mm shunting layout Fenland Yard.

Peter and Dave R fixing locating dowels to the new baseboards for the brickyards layout.

Ed started painting his kit built Wrightlines toastrack coach for 7mm Narrow Gauge layout Ardgowan with Steve C and Len adding colour and texture to the lighthouse board.

Our electrical wizard Bob trying to sort out some wiring on the Wagon Works layout.

Finally Richard H was banished outside, not for his terrible jokes, but for spraying a primer coat to some 7mm resin cast walls from Northumbrian Painting Services.

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