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Let There Be Light!!

Alan and cronies after many trials and tribulations' have now fitted a pulsating light to their lighthouse. No excuse now for not attending to the scenery around it's base. Many visits to YouTube have been made and articles read trying to decide on the best method of adding realistic looking water to the harbour.

Steve is busy in the background constructing an LCut small lineside office to stand on harbourside.

Meanwhile Lenny is employing Das air drying clay impressed with piece of oblong brass channel to construct a block wall for section of the harbour complex.

Chairman Keith's first attempt at applying waterslide transfers to his recently renovated cattle wagon which he picked up at a recent show without too many coins being passed over. Before and after photos. Only the other side to complete now Keith before giving a coat of matt varnish to seal your fine work.

Dave with plenty of tools on his table attempting to look busy............... I know you and Peter really were beavering away on the test track fine tuning a few elements :)

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