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Ian's Inventions Continue

Our erstwhile member Ian continues to pull one of his new creations from the bag on clubnight. This time it is a model of a Commer(?) van running on a Kato N gauge chassis in readiness for his new 009 narrow gauge layout. The van's wheel arches nicely match the wheels of the chassis and is finished in eyecatching bright yellow paintwork. Evidence Ian has commenced planning for the layout are notes where to place insulated fishplates on turnouts.

Keith and fellow members are moving forward with the new club layout based upon Whittlesey brickyards with a purchase of two brick lorries with loads and an excellent illustrated book of London Brick Company. The book in itself has thrown up a photo showing a railway locomotive on a AEC Matador 4x4 low loader which so far has not yet been identified Can anyone provide any information about this unusual loco? Please email in if can help Keith and colleagues.

(Photo - Trans-Penine Publishing Ltd 1998 & London Brick Co.)

Dave W was determined this week to add more steps to his project following the very slow progress noted last Wednesday. Proof in photo, another week should see completion????

More work on our layout March in Time with Peter adding some metal locating dowels which will accurately assist joining boards together saving time when erecting boards at exhibitions.

Finally a snapshot of a War Department 16mm battery powered and well weathered diesel locomotive purchased at last Saturdays Garden Railway Exhibition held in Peterborough.

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