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Exhibition Preparations in Hand

The crew of 'March in Time' erecting, checking, testing locomotives all running well ensuring good presentation in readiness for our exhibition on March 11th at Westwood School in Maple Grove, March.

Keith is making good progress with his Bedford TK lorry

Spot the difference...........Dave has been busy changing the temporary track connections on the multi gauge test track removing the coloured wire loops and replacing with much less obvious fine wire.

Alan checking his strip styrene rod is suitable for guttering and downpipe on his 7mm scale public house for Ardgowan.

Trev, Steve & gang are busy beavering away on re-vamping an old layout which has seen old track torn up and renewed.

Finally, in an evening with 23 members busying themselves in the clubroom, our O gauge members found space to squeeze and erect the layout which is taken out to Care Homes to try out best placement for the buildings.

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