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Congratulations to Keith!!

Keith has successfully applied and received a grant from his employer Forterra (ex London Brick Co) through their community fund to assist building a new model layout demonstrating brickmaking and the railways around Whittlesey brickyards. Here is Keith (r) and Ken (l) preparing the initial track plan.

Some photos showing progress on the buidings for the Club's O gauge layout which is taken to local Care homes and residential homes for elderly to watch and operate. Brings forth some wonderful memories and stories from their early days of playing in the streets, what mischief they got up to etc etc. Some locomotives have sound and the chuffing, steam whistle and clickety clack of wheels over rail joints always prompt smiles & laughter all round.

Chairman Keith has been busy detailing his new O gauge build of a weighbridge hut with all the interior details weighing equipment, stove & kettle, easy chair (strictly for between jobs), desk and noticeboards. Not sure why the mug of tea is missing from desk but now it has been mentioned I am sure it will appear!!!!

Dave R still busy fitting his station lights.

Ed providing the head scratching while Lenny trying to work out how his latest wood turning project can be made into the top section of a lighthouse housing the lens and walkway. Good luck with that Len!!!!

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