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Busy Evening & Overseas Representative Report 2

Our Dave R continues with his travels and for a start his photo of the terrible weather he is having to endure....... More later

Keith and Ken busy opening their early Christmas present of flat packed Grainge & Hodder baseboards for the new Brickworks layout. Must follow instructions are we not told?????

A very nice new 7mm Narrow Gauge loco from Dapol/Lionheart Company that Alan has been saving towards for a while. A sound fitted 2-6-2 Lynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle locomotive 'Exe'. Alan has tested to make sure all runs well and we hope he will bring it along to our next test track running night so we can see it in action.

Alan has also been busy constructing some more lobster pots for the 7mm Narrow Gauge Ardgowan layout while Steve has been giving the road a new surface around the hut to cover up the plaster base.

Andy spent the evening starting to make hedgerow to rear of 00 gauge layout and deciding on the best place within the canal for a narrow boat.

Alistair and Brian cutting up wood for the timber walkways on Fenland Yard O gauge layout.

Stewart busying himself putting together Sprat & Winkle 00 gauge couplings for his rolling stock and locos.

Peter was making supports for his Bulk Haul container tanker out of plastic strip and painting blue.

Bob getting to grips with the electrics on Fenland Yard (taking advantage of me being out of his way taking the evening photos)

Now we see what building David K has been making all the tiny brass office furniture for (work in progress) Looking fantastic and really delicate work. Lights off!!

Lights on!!!

Back to our intrepid explorer's contributions. Dave R is one never to refuse a request to start thinking about designing new posters and flyers for our next Exhibition on Saturday March 9th 2024. He carries on with his duties regardless of the fact he is on holiday and having to overcome certain distractions.

He visited Prachup Khiri Khan Station taking the opportunity to snap local train photos while waiting an hour for his delayed train.

Night all.......

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