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Bob's Electrical Solutions

It is very handy having a trader knowledgeable in electric issues as a club member when it comes to trying to sort out controller connections. The O gauge layout we take out on visits to care homes has caused some confusion to some members as to what plug goes where when setting up. To ensure slow running control when operating by people not familiar with how a layout operates, we designed in a home-made handset. No matter how many labels are displayed they become of little use when someone forgets a cable so concocts a temporary fix and leaves it in with the controls. Of course cables are of a different colour hence confusion!!! Bob has come up with (a tiny bit of help from me) plugs & wiring specifically fitting only one socket so should be foolproof...................

Bob needs his mug of tea to keep brainbox ticking.

Alastair and Brian been busy with the station flowerbeds

Jerry's tidy mind not displayed in his workbench!

David W been working on this LCut warehouse office for weeks. Has promised it ready in time for Christmas. We only need to establish what year.

However in comparison we have David E steaming ahead with his LCut creation of a Southern Region Signalbox and finding his empty tea mug as an ideal weight while the glue grabs.

Richard has sorted out his wiring and been playing (sorry testing) his new TT gauge Class 08 diesel shunter and wagons. However I was busy drinking tea and missed it all before Richard packed up ready for home, sorry..........

Steve tearing up paper towels and using white PVA glue to put repair patches on Ardgowan road prior to painting.

Also on Ardgowan Alan is presenting for comments his partially completed scratch built lobster & crab pots intended for the harbour. Looking good, only another couple of dozen to go Alan.

Our member Dave R is on a fact finding trip on behalf of the club(?) and sends us photos of the famous Mae Klong Railway where the market stalls line a whole section of track. The trackside restaurants fold back awnings, move tables and chairs, preserve the diners places and control the crowds. Everything is moved away from track eight times a day to let the trains pass which move very slowly and people hang out of the windows to wave and shake your hand.

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