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Back in Time for Tea

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Our running night using the test track was going very nicely with a few members enjoying the peace and quiet while locos trundled around the circuit. Reason so quiet? At least half the members were on a visit to the London Brick Company, owned by Forterra plc, at Kings Dyke to get an understanding how making bricks and the working of the brickworks could assist in planning for a new layout. A huge thank you to Andrew who had the patience to explain the complete process in brick making from extracting the lower Oxford clay and turning it into the bricks used for buildings. As it was heading towards dusk the horde returned and disrupted proceedings expecting tea to be brewing.

Here we have Brian's Hornby ARC Co-Co Diesel Electric Class 59 Locomotive 59102 he has prepared for the brickworks layout.

As usual Bob manages to bring a different model to place on the track which he has acquired recently. A Hornby Class 142 Pacer twin railbus in Regional Railways livery performed smoothly over a full range of speeds

A complete change of scale to On30 of an 0-4-2 DCC Sound Porter steam locomotive depicting the American logging scene of the Tioga Lumber Company with two flat cars (wagons to us). This loco was designed and used for shunting loaded log cars about at low speed and with its Tsunami DCC chip sounds fantastic. David W is in the process of designing a new layout already having purchased the boards and suitable trees to assist with planning.

Moving on to Ardgowan we see that Alan has placed a warning to the returning members not to poke fingers into the evening's work!!

As Alan will not perhaps be at the Club for a couple of sessions he has kindly left his presence on the layout as the driver of a miniature ride-on locomotive after having been scanned (as in photo on phone) and then 3D printed. Just in case he will be forgotten? Hmmm, perhaps not Alan!! Three Alan's in one photo kindly(?) taken and supplied by Dave R.

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