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Another Wet Wednesday Evening (Catchup 1)

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Suppose we should expect it at this time of the year but putting your foot in a deepish puddle does not make the evening more pleasurable!!

Never mind we had a good turn out and an extremely busy club night with Trevor and Keith being a little late could only find room to work in the kitchen (did wonder if a few biscuits managed a vanishing act?)

Here we have Bob with instruction booklet in hand trying to find why Richard's DCC controller just refuses to communicate with the Class 08 diesel shunter on his small TT scale 'layout-in-a-box' trackwork. Puzzle continues.............

Here we have Peter succeeding in fitting newly purchased Hunter magnetic couplings to a couple of his bogie wagons for trialing purposes. This was before he had been 'volunteered' to repair a point (or turnout) on March In Time which had a slight issue at last outing when a spring popped out.

And here we have David K cleaning the track of March In Time just before Peter's repair attempt. No David's cleaning did not add to the problem :)

George spent the evening working on a roofing job for his next model using roofing slates he has designed, printed out and cut out himself. Second photo shows in early stages a print of a building he has been designing.

Here is David continuing to work (occasionally between chatting & football discussions) on the O gauge goods shed for the layout we take to our care home visits. One day ...................

Ken paid a visit over the weekend to the Hornby magazine Great Electric Train Show 2023 at Milton Keynes where he picked up a 00 gauge Lima Great Western luggage railcar he had been on the lookout for. It was in great condition for a vehicle probably 20 years old, ran faultlessly and smoothly from a crawl to top speed. Needless to say Ken was pretty pleased with his find.

Finally a few photos showing progress on 7mm scale narrow gauge Ardgowan which Alan, Steve, Ed and Len hope to have ready to show at our own exhibition in early March 2024. Keep at it lads!!!!

Harbour with outline where boats will be placed

Alan's handiwork with his take on Captain Pugwash at helm. Hmmmm...... no comment

Two promenade telescopes and old wartime mine rescued and used to collect donations. Must get a sign displaying where donations are going. Jump to it Alan!

Quarry stone wagon loading building

Engine shed and coal loading stage

Latest addition is the diesel refuelling unit temporarily placed in its possible position

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