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A Busy Session

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

We had the test track up and running again due to popular demand. Nearly a full complement of twenty three members and 16mm garden railway fan Ian who was testing us out as a Club to decide if he would like to become a member.

First on the tracks was O gauge Minerva Kerr Stuart Victory Class 0-6-0 designed and built in 1917 for the Inland Waterways & Docks Department. They were soon sold on at the end of the war to several railway companies.

Next up was the Minerva Peckett E Class loco that worked in docks, harbours and many industries across the UK.

Then it was the turn of Bob's Sentinel shunter which seemed confused as to how it became trapped between two box vans!!!

A quick shot showing progress with the Ardgowan lighthouse construction.

Finally testing whether the ideas in planning for the Club new layout are working out with placing of buildings. What may look good on a plan may not be the best or quite practical when viewed with track and buildings in place. A good tip for anyone wanting to check their ideas.

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