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Fenton St Clare

Fenton St. Clare is a 7mm narrow gauge layout (1:43.5 scale) using 16.5mm track, depicting a wonderfully detailed and authentic-looking fictitious World War 2 scene. The town is supposedly set in East Anglia where there were several army and air force bases. It is assumed this is the early part of the war and blackout regulations don't seem to have reached the area yet although the new ARP warden will have something to say about that. Local engineering companies are now turning items for the war effort and the local cottage hospital is taking wounded troops as they return in the ambulance trains.

The baseboards and track layout were built very quickly for a fund-raising event for the British Legion, by Roly Woodrow, chairman and prominent member of the MDMRC club which was established in 2003. Roly enjoyed showing the layout and meeting people throughout East Anglia, the Midlands and south-west England. When Roly passed away in 2009 the layout and rolling stock was bequeathed to the Club to continue exhibiting in his memory.

Buildings were added by Glyn Bennett, including the 'Rowood' engineering works as a tribute to the original creator, who often visited France, hence the odd-shape slightly dilapidated French style building. The layout has had a recent refurbishment of ground cover & minor repair sympathetic to the original concept.

Special Attraction - Danger UXB!  As extra incentive for studying all the fine details within this layout, there is an unexploded bomb somewhere within the scenery - can you find it?  Fun for kids of all ages!
Layout measures 6ft wide x 4ft deep in L-shape footprint. Two operators with a minimum operating area of 9ft wide x 5ft deep is required with a small table for stock.

One 13A socket for power.

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