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A March in Time

Our OO gauge diesel depot layout is predominantly based in the mid to late 1960’s when the diesel revolution was making great inroads into the culture of steam. There are very few steam facilities left as most of these have all been stripped out during the modernisation process. We have tried to include a couple of the original diesel sheds in the March, Cambridgeshire area; however these have been modified to suit the space available. The layout can also be considered for running locomotives through the BR blue and sectorised eras up to the red and gold of English, Welsh and Scottish (EWS), thus covering a wide timescale. It is because of these reasons that the name of the layout was derived.


The layout can be operated in either DC or DCC configuration and the aim is to keep locos moving around the yard with one or two occasionally appearing and disappearing on and off the layout from time to time.

The model has been built on open plan baseboards, thus allowing aspects of the model to appear below, as well as above, track level. The layout measures 13ft x 2ft and requires an overall footprint of 16ft x 5ft. Up to three operators are needed and the layout is transported in two cars.

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