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Sound for Nene Sidings at Last!

Not quite the sound of locomotives chuffing or whistles whistling but more like cows mooing!!

Bob is busy wiring up a sound module linked to the cattle dock on our Nene Sidings shunting puzzle to attract more children to become involved and 'have a go' when at exhibitions. Bob has placed a nice visible red button where it will be too tempting for some not to press it. Unfortunately he has forgotten (perhaps???) to fit a master on/off switch so when the layout is in use so is the red button! Should prove very popular with the members overseeing operations.......

Jerry up to his usual tricks of cleaning wheels using wire brush in mini drill. Polishes up his nails a treat!

Members of the March in Time layout crew preparing tracks and checking locos out for their next exhibition outing on 22nd this month at Letchworth.

They are being ably assisted by engineering expert David K who is recovering his breath after advising Peter & Dave E the correct way of easing a tightly fitting bolt joining the layout together - 'use a gert big hammer'

Ed & Len spent the evening painting a wall for Ardgowen which took all of five minutes of action and three hours trying to decide if it was the correct shade of brown........

Stewart still working on his 3D print project of a Wickham railcar using a Replica Railways chassis. Made in Ware, Hertfordshire, Wickham made five two-car units for use in the Cambridge area and across East Anglia. After a short time two units were bought back by Wickhams specifically to export abroad to fulfill an order. One unit has been preserved and is currently located at Llangollen in Wales.

Finally a few photos of progress being made to the O gauge layout attaching coal bins, coal office, weighbridge & office and engine shed with water tank on the roof.

Included this photo of a large scale near derelict shed oozing character just because I liked it....

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