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A Fantastic Exhibition

An impressive selection of layouts and traders stands greeted the many visitors all perfectly arranged by Exhibition Manager Ken England over the past few months. Among feedback received was 'something for everyone', 'assistance was readily available', 'a credit to the Club'.

Unfortunately Ken was unavailable on the day so the setting-up task was excellently taken up by David ably assisted by members following Kens' clearly prepared plans. Well done to David and all the members.

Refreshments and lunches were overseen by Christina assisted by her daughter nudging her member helpers and wives in the right direction to serve everyone in a timely manner. The food was lovely and tasty cooked to perfection.

The car parking became rather overloaded at times with so many visitors and overflowed onto Maple Grove with everyone being understanding and patient. Must offer our apologies to the local residents if they were at all inconvenienced. We have never ever had so many cars visiting even with many people travelling by train.

Enough waffling and on with the photos taken by Dave and Ryan........

Thankyou to all the layout operators, traders, Societies, those doing demonstrations, the tea makers, kitchen staff, car parking attendants wrapped up in Hi-Vis, ticket sales in a draughty entrance, helpers & volunteers plus all other members I may have missed off and of course the fantastic visitors who made the whole shebang worthwhile!!!

Hope to see you at our Open Day in early October and next years exhibition, second Saturday in March. Details will be posted on website in due course.

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